Fraternity spends their spring break walking to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis

While many of their friends are on Spring Break vacation, a group of fraternity brothers chose to walk over a hundred miles to raise money for a good cause.

Twenty brothers from the Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) fraternity at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) spent the last eight days walking 160 miles from campus in Allendale to Traverse City - all to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

The brothers walk under the title "ATO Walks Hard: Many Steps for MS and this is their second year making the journey. This time around they added more walkers and did an awareness week on campus. While a couple of the guys did have to stop due to injury, other men from the support team stepped in to take their place. The brothers stayed at churches along the way, and were grateful for the shelter and a hot meal at the end of each day.

The fraternity donates every penny they raise to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and said while it's a fun trip to do together, their favorite thing is giving back.

"Just seeing all the connections we've made - people around the country telling us that we're doing great things for them and that we're an inspiration to them," said Zack Amrein, the GVSU ATO Philanthropy Chairman. "So I think that was probably one of the biggest motivators for all of us - just hearing stories from other people. People messaging us on facebook saying hey - we really appreciate what you're doing, I have a daughter with MS or I have so-and-so with this connection with MS - so I think that was probably the best, most rewarding part of it."

Last year the fraternity raised almost $16,000 - and this year, they're just shy of $30,000!

If you'd like to help them reach that 30 grand, click here.