Friendly competition results in Moomers and $150,000 towards a new cancer center

Cowell Family Cancer Center

A city-wide competition came to an end Friday - with the losers having to buy the winners Moomers ice cream.

For the past six months, Schmuckal Oil mini-marts and multiple local banks (represented by Traverse City State Bank) have been selling two-dollar ''pin-ups'' to raise money for Munson Medical Center.

Friday morning the totals were announced - with Schmuckal Oil coming out on top - and the banks ponying up the cash for a few gallons of ice cream.

Both groups say the real winner today was Munson - with over $150,000 raised for the Cowell Family Cancer Center. With a $17 million goal, they are now at $16.1 million.

"The support that we have received the last few years when we started the Cowell Family Cancer Center has been unparalled as far as any other campaign that we've done in the region," said Derk Pronger, the Munson Medical Center VP of Operations. "It is something that is a tribute to our community itself because we will have services in our region that will be something that you may see in other metropolitan areas - but it will be in our hometown."

Other businesses have now also started the pin-up campaign.

Munson hopes to break ground on the Cowell Family Cancer Center next spring.