Friends remember two northern Michigan women killed in rollover accident

7&4 News has an update on the deadly rollover accident in Kent County this weekend that killed two northern Michigan women and injured another. Close friends of the victims tell us that the driver of the car 55 year-old Carol Saxton is at home recovering from her injuries.

The accident took the lives of both passengers in the car. 35 year-old Wendy Sak from Lake Ann was pronounced dead at the scene and 50 year-old Julie Davis from Traverse City died in the hospital from her injures.

The rollover accident happened on I-96 near the 28th Street Ramp at around 11:30am Saturday morning. Authorities say it appears the car was traveling too fast as it entered the eastbound ramp, causing it to roll several times.

The three women were active members of the International Association of administrative Professionals, a group that focuses on empowering women in business.

They were traveling to Grand Rapids on Saturday for a special award luncheon where they were all supposed to be recognized. Sadly, they never made it there.

Judy Smith was a close friend to both Wendy Sak and Julie Davis, she says, "It hit me hard...hard isn't even a good word. They were two of my closest friends. Wendy was one of the most dynamic women you could ever know and Jewels was a lot of fun. She was always a barrel of laughs!"

Another close friend Nichole Demma says, "They will both be remembered on how they touched and supported people. They were so positive and up beat and never had a down moment."

Funeral arrangements are in the works for Wendy Sac. As for Julie Davis she will not have a funeral, rather a memorial service which is planned for a later date.

7&4 News will bring you the latest details on the funeral arrangements and memorial plans as soon as they are finalized.

To hear from more friends and see the full report, click on the video above.