From a parent

Sometimes the best way for us to salute a teacher in our daily classroom salute segment is to get a note from a student or parent. That's the case with Mrs. Hamilla and her 4th grade class at Gaylord Intermediate School in Otsego County.

Hi Joe!

I have been wanting to nominate my daughters classroom for months, but finally was "pushed" by her, to get on the computer. My daughter is a fourth grader in Mrs. Lori Hamilla's class at Gaylord Intermediate School, Gaylord. Lori Hamilla is a one-of-a-kind of teacher. The pure energy she puts out during class is unmatched, and a thing of wonder! She works hard to keep students motivated and engaged. My daughter has THRIVED in her classroom and deserves this recognition. Her dedication and hard work are contagious and is easily passed on to her students. We will be sad when school comes to a close in 6 weeks, but I know my daughter is a better person and student for all of Mrs. Hamilla's hard work. Please consider featuring her for the classroom salute?

Thanks Joe!