Get yourself screened for type two diabetes

Munson Medical Center is urging people to get screened for Type II Diabetes

Millions of people have type two diabetes or are at-risk of being diagnosed and don't even know it.

Type two diabetes is when the pancreas continues to make insulin, which is the hormone the body makes to regulate blood sugar, however the body has forgotten what to do when it sees insulin, so it becomes resistant to it.

Type two diabetes can be diagnosed at any age at the rate of diagnosis is going up as obesity rates continue to go up.

"Certainly it's much more common for people who are obese to have type two diabetes, but nothing is 100% in medicine, so I have plenty of patients who are lean diabetics, as well," says Dr. Jill Vollbrecht, an endocrinologist with Munson Medical Center.

Getting tested is a very simple procedure. It can include a finger prick and an online assessment.

"The diagnosis is not a death sentence, it's a wake-up call for people to really re-evaluate their lifestyle," says Dr. Vollbrecht. "Untreated diabetes can lead to a host of really bad things including eye damage, nerve damage, lack of sensation in feet and hands, it can also lead to kidney damage and is a leading cause of kidney failure in the united states."

The symptoms of type two diabetes include being really thirsty, urinating frequently, blurred vision, weight loss and fatigue.

If you want to get tested or learn more about type two diabetes, you can attend Munson's Diabetes Day Open House. It takes place on Wednesday, April 10th from 1pm - 3pm at the Bayview Wesleyan Church on Wayne Street in Traverse City. For more information click here.

For a link to the online diabetes assessment, click here.

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