Getting back to a healthy weight

Brad Will is a graduate of the Comprehensive Weight Management Program.

Brad Will is getting moving and getting healthy after losing over 100 pounds through Munson Medical Center's Comprehensive Weight Management Program. He's just one of many patients who tried many other things but finally found results here.

Dr. Patrick Friedli is the Medical Director of the Healthy Weight Center. He says this program uses a variety of methods to guide people in dealing with the 3 big influences that affect our weight: behavior, environment and genetics.

"We're trying to influence through our program being comprehensive. We're trying to influence why do we make these decisions and what can you do in your environment to set you up for success," Friedli said.

The medical professionals at Munson hope to help people reach that success through evaluations and determine what option is best for each person, whether medical or surgical.

"We recognize our ability to help influence our behavior and to help with medical management of weight often requires something more expertise than what we can offer and that might mean something like surgery," Friedli said.

Munson offers several types of bariatric surgery, and some patients choose a program that doesn't include surgery but it's setting people on the right track for their healthy goals.

"I just needed some more guidance and a little more structure especially to get started on it, the amount of weight I needed to lose to be healthy was rather daunting when I started," Will said.

The Healthy Weight Center combines exercise, dietary changes, counseling sessions and group education to emphasize the lifestyle change needed for success.

"If I can do it anybody can do it. There's nothing special about me, I've struggled with this for a long time probably 20 years," Will said.

Though only months long, the program is leaving a lasting influence on patients to overhaul their habits and check in with physicians regularly.

"The key word here is accountability. We want people to be held accountable and we realize that we can all fall back into old habits," Friedli said.

And for people like Brad it's one step in a life-long journey toward health.

To be a participant in the program, a referral by your primary physician is required. For more information on the program, visit Munson's Weight Management Center.