Getting Sassy for Kassie

Cancer can strip many things from a person, one of the most noticeable being their hair. For 19-year-old Kassie Magee, she may have lost her hair, but it hasn't dampened her engaging spirit. It's that spirit that's causing her family and friends to get "Sassy for Kassie."

Kassie is a sophomore at Western Michigan University, studying occupational therapy. Just over a month ago she was diagnosed with stage 3-4 lymphoma, a rare diagnosis that's only seen in patients her age about two percent of the time. When Kassie found out she'd likely lose her hair from very aggressive chemotherapy treatments, she decided to take her own hair before it was taken from her and donate it to people like her who might need a wig one day.

Seeing her selflessness in the face of illness, her cousin Aleshia Naeyaert started the Getting Sassy for Kassie fundraiser. So far, men, women and toddlers are young as two years old have stepped up to the plate, cutting off over a foot of their own hair to donate to charities including Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids and Hair Loss for Children.

Local hair stylists have donated their haircuts free of charge.

Kassie has a hard battle ahead of her, but with the support system she has, she's ready to tackle anything, with or without her hair. Kassie said, "If I could rearrange my cards and play this differently, I don't think I would because everything I'm gaining from this is a good thing. I have a totally different outlook on life and appreciate things a lot more, so I'm thankful for a lot of what's happened in my life the last couple months."

If you have at least ten inches of hair you can cut off and donate you can contact Aleshia Naeyaert at