Give those old entertainment centers a second chance at life

Now that televisions have gotten sleeker and slimmer, what are we supposed to do with all those old clunky entertainment centers? Designer Denine Dingeman has some great ideas on how to ReVibe those 80's style sets into something functional and modern. This time Denine took an old futon and combined it with the great storage from underneath an old entertainment center and made something comfortable and useable!

Some other ideas of what to use them for from Designer Denine:

1. Laying the whole Entertainment center on it's back and using it as a platform for a box spring and mattress. Platform beds are popular and a nice clean look and the shelve structure of the piece makes it strong and sturdy.

2. Another option was to use the lower portion of the piece which is usually storage drawers for tapes and DVD's and use just that section as an under bed storage unit by adding rollers or glides on the bottom.

3. When we were given a futon without any legs, we switched our plan and made a storage base for the futon. Easy to attach with some scrap 2x4's and screws.