Good people food, but bad for our furry friends

Every other Wednesday on Upnorthlive Tonight on ABC 29&8 at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Karen Reabe with Bay Area Pet Hospital in Traverse City will answer your pet questions! From your pet's behavior, health and safety, she will cover it all. This week, she is discussing toxic foods and poisons.

Common Pet Poisons:

Rat poison: Rat bait can be fatal within hours. There are different types of rat poison that require different treatments so save the bait package to help your DVM treat appropriately.

Antidepressant medications & amphetamines: This also includes energy drinks. Cause overstimulation in pets and can lead to seizures, heart trouble, or death.

Grapes & raisins: No established toxic doses, some pets are more sensitive to others and become ill after eating only a handful of these fruit

Onions & garlic: Considered non-toxic in very small amounts (onion powder frequently used to add flavor in pet treats), can cause critical illness in large volumes (one pet died from drinking onion soup)

Xylitol (sugar substitute): Found in sugar-free gum, pudding, and baked goods. Can cause a range of serious conditions. May result in liver failure and death.

Tylenol or Ibuprofen: Ingestion of these common over-the-counter medications can threaten many interior organs, including the liver, kidneys, and intestines.

Chocolate: The darker the chocolate, the greater potential for serious problems.

Marijuana: Causes lethargy, mental dullness, incoordination, and loss of urinary control.

Antifreeze: Due to its sweet taste, many pets will drink spills of antifreeze. This can be lethal without prompt aggressive treatment.

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