Governor Snyder delivers sunny side up message to hundreds

It was a packed house for the governor Friday morning as business owners, lawmakers, and hundreds of area students came out to hear the state of our economy and plans for the future.

The governor's address touched on a variety of topics from his recent visit to Afghanistan to education but his main focus was on job creation.

While unemployment remains around 9%, higher than the national average, there are currently more than 80,000 jobs available on

Governor Rick Snyder says, "It says there are opportunities here. The challenge is many people would like those jobs, but there's a mismatch in terms of skills they have and skills they need."

Governor Snyder says Michigan's number one problem right now is that we're too down on ourselves. He says we need to get the passion back. It's a message some local business leaders say they'll take with them.

Bill Tencza with the Cadillac Chamber of Commerce says, "Relentless, positive, action. We're all prone not to do this, but the governor is committed. He's not throwing darts, he's moving forward and its got to happen with all of us."

School districts in the audience listened closely as the governor talked about funding inequities. He says it's something that will be on his agenda in 2013.

Governor Snyder did not discuss growing speculation that he could be on Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's radar for running mate. While his spokesperson wouldn't squash the rumor, he did say not to read too much into the idea.

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