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      Grayling vigil draws community together in wake of tragedy

      C ommunity members gathered in Grayling tonight to honor two of the victims from Monday's deadly crash in Kalkaska.

      H undreds met at the Grayling Country Club to remember 18-year-old student athlete Louis Menard, 27-year-old golf coach Jason Potter, and the five students who survived the accident.

      " Look how people came together it's amazing it's what they need we need to support we need that support system and we have it ," Potter's friend Jose Lopez said.

      I t has been an unimaginable week for the Grayling community. Four students still remain in the hospital after Monday's tragic crash and everyone still mourns the loss of Louis and Jason.

      "Jason was the guy you wanted to talk to he had a device for everything and if you needed it, he was somebody you wanted to talk to," Potter's friend Jeff Hawkins explained.

      "Louis was the smartest person I know ," Menard's friend Maddie Benardo reflected. "H e always wearing Michigan , there was never a time I didn't seem wearing something Michigan , he was a great person and a great kid ."

      T o honor Louis many wore maize and blue, the high school band also played one of his favorite tunes, the michigan fight song.

      B ut it was the sound of Amazing Grace that allowed everyone to reflect on the tragic accident.

      " It amazes me that our community is so strong and how we come together especially in time of tragedy and everyone just comes together awesome and I'm just so proud of our town ," Grayling community member Rachel Greenway explained.

      E ven though today's vigil was marked with tears and sadness , there was a bright sign of recovery.

      W hen Grayling golfer Gunner Metzer arrived after being released from the hospital earlier today.

      " Thank you to everybody , he's going to be good and fine And he will pull out of it because of the support and help from everybody ," Metzer's father Dale Metzer explained.