Help police with missing person cases

Law enforcement agencies in Manistee County are adopting a national program credited with the safe recovery of more than 920 missing children or elderly.

A Child Is Missing Alert is a high tech program that police can use as soon as they are notified about a missing persons case. All police have to do is call a free number and it makes a thousands calls within minutes to households and businesses asking people to check their location for the missing individual.

Manistee County Sheriff Dale Kowalkowski says, "It's a very important program to get something going immediately. Unlike an Amber Alert that takes a certain amount of time and criteria, the Child Is Missing Program is something we can institute immediately."

He says the first couple hours are crucial to an investigation of this nature.

The program is free for law enforcement agencies.

If you live in Manistee County and want to register your home or cell phone number to receive the alerts click here.