Helping hands give back to Benzie and Manistee Counties


I'll make you a deal. You do the work, I'll play the piano.

" service recipient Roger Blue said.


Blue plays upbeat tunes for the volunteers from St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church who are working to fix up his home that is in dire need of repair. More than 70 pairs of hands are working on 18 different projects around Benzie and Manistee Counties this week.


he lord told us to love thy neighbor and that's what we're hoping to do

," St. Andrew's volunteer Chris Jahr said.


I think its great, we're helping people in our backyard and its kind of our mission. Keep these people in there homes

," St. Andrew's volunteer Vincent Salero said.


his is all made possible through thousands of dollars in donations

and even though the volunteers are doing this work for free


they all say there getting a different kind of compensation.


What a joy it is to be in the basement cleaning and hear the music waft in the house it's happy music and Roger just makes everybody smile just makes us feel so welcome and it makes the day go much better when you're working hard to have that music

," Jahr said.

WATCH Roger Blue play a song for the St. Andrew's workers.