Helping Miss Daisy

During 7&4 News Today, we featured a local animal rescue agency called Frisco & Joey's Mission. The organization takes in senior and special needs pets at risk of being euthanized in Michigan shelters.

Bonnie Flowers, an animal rescue volunteer and Jessica Hoedeman, one of the group's founders sat down with 7&4's Melissa Smith to talk about one of the animals who is in need of care. "Daisy" is a German Shepherd who is about eight years old. Daisy was mistreated by her previous owners and was over-bred so badly that her back hips are not in good shape.

As a result, Daisy needs surgery on her hips which are causing her severe pain. If you would like to help fund Daisy's surgery, Frisco & Joey's Mission is providing a fund. For the month of February until March 12th they will be selling tickets for people to win a free microchip of their choice for their pets.

Tickets are $1 for one ticket and $5 for six tickets. You can contact the organization at (231) 645-0394 or (231) 384-1414 to buy tickets.

For more information about Frisco & Joey's Mission or to help Daisy you can email: You can also mail:

Frisco and Joey's Mission

P.O Box 256

Maple City, MI 49664

Checks can be made out to Frisco and Joey's Mission, Memo: Daisy's Surgery (if you would like to help fund Daisy's surgery).