High percentage of teachers get passing grades

New state data show that 97 percent of the state's 96,000 teachers were rated effective or highly effective during the 2011-12 school year.

The Detroit Free Press reports Thursday that the numbers are from the first year districts had to assign one of four ratings to teachers.

The ratings are: Highly effective, effective, minimally effective or ineffective.

Some of the state's worst-performing schools gave favorable ratings to teachers. The newspaper says 48 of 146 of the state's schools that are ranked in the bottom 5 percent academically rated all of their teachers in the top two categories.

Traverse City Area Public Schools saw numbers similar to those statewide, with the majority of teachers being considered "effective".

Kalkaska Public Schools received "highly effective" ratings for 100 percent of their teachers district-wide.

Districts like Charlevoix, Evart, and Elk Rapids all saw mostly effective numbers for teachers.

Gaylord Middle School saw some of the highest numbers of ineffectiveness in the area, with 22 percent of their teachers being considered "minimally effective"

You can search your district and individual school by using the database tool from the Detroit Free Press by clicking here.

2011-2012 is the first academic year these rankings were used.