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      High powered wheels and elevating trails

      It was an action packed show this weekend at Shanty Creek Resort as nearly 200 trucks took things off road for an intense mountain race.

      Cars and trucks of all sizes invaded the slopes at Shanty Creek Resort for the 5th annual Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge, sponsored by Griztek Auto Appearance & Off Road.

      "Being that this event happens at the end of winter, beginning of spring, this is the kick off to the whole road season," Griztek Owner, Jason Grzesikowski. "These guys use this event as their initial run for the whole year for what they do for the rest of year. Guys will spend their whole winter building a vehicle just to come out to this event as well."

      A crowd of more than 6-thousand people showed up for the two day, action packed event, where there was a little something for everyone to enjoy.

      "It is completely fun and everyone should come," said first time spectator, Stephanie Bajote. This is a great time just to be here and just the atmosphere of everyone."

      170 drivers from as far as Tennessee and Canada got behind their high powered wheels, and took to the slopes, racing full throttle up the 45-degree winding snow covered hills.

      "What we have going on with the races is we have guys divided into six difficult classes of vehicles," says Grzesikowski. "And then one class that is pretty much an open class where anything goes."

      Regardless of who won or lost, event organizers say that the main point to the weekend races, is having fun.

      "People come to the event with the mindset of having a good time," said Grzesikowski. "There's not a lot of rules that they have to be adhered to. It's a very loose racing format. So everybody comes with the mindset to have fun."

      Kalkaska driver, Scott Nelson, took first place in the Sportsman Competition.

      "The biggest thing today was just airing down the pressure in the tires and giving her all she's got, crossing your fingers and by gosh we came through," said Sportsman Champion, Scott Nelson.

      "Off road racers are very passionate about this stuff," said Grzesikowski. "They love doing what they do. They enjoy it and they pour their heart and soul into it."

      All of the proceeds from the event are going to the Wounded Warriors Project and the Disabled American Veterans.