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      Highest level of stroke care

      In an instant Stanley Waggoner's life was changed.

      "Sometime around 4 o'clock in the morning I had a charlie horse. I got out of bed, I went down, hit the side of the bed," says Waggoner.

      What seemed like a simple leg cramp had 9-1-1 on the phone and Waggoner on his way to Munson Medical Center's stroke unit.

      "I was admitted, spent a few days up there and then rehab. I look forward to it every day because I see myself improving," says Waggoner.

      It was confirmed that Waggoner suffered a stroke; something he knew as soon as it happened.

      "I said I had a stroke when I was at home. We took tests and verified it was. I was well aware of what happened to me," says Waggoner.

      Now several weeks later, Waggoner is going through speech and physical therapy all to regain what he lost from the stroke.

      Munson's stroke rehab is only part of the reason, the Joint Commission, using guidelines from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, certified Munson Medical Center as a primary stroke center.

      "Munson is very please to be awarded the certification as a primary stroke center by the joint commission. this means we've been linked to the highest level of care in terms of best care of stroke patients," says neurologist Kersti Bruining.

      Dr. Bruining is the medical director of Munson's stroke unit. She says Munson makes sure to provide the utmost care for stroke patients up through their discharge and beyond with rehab treatment.

      For more information on Munson's award and signs of stroke click here.