Holiday returns make business boom

December 26th was a busy day for multiple stores dealing with holiday return and exchange items.

Meijer's parking lot was full today as customers rushed inside to the customer desk.

The lines were long, but moved quickly and included friendly customer service, in an effort to keep customers happy.

Meijer official say that though the lines were long, the amount of returns are down for this year.

"I think a lot of customers that aren't sure what to buy, they buy gift cards," said Meijer store director, John Spaulding. "We have a large gift card center. So I think that eliminates a lot of the returns folks buy something for somebody that they don't quite know what they want."

The UPS Store was also busy the day after Christmas.

Booms in online shopping are what officials suspect to be one of the reasons for the large shipping numbers.

Since Traverse City is a hot spot for visiting family over the holiday season, tourists can also ship their presents back home.

The UPS store has a pack and ship guarantee to ensure that all those gifts and returns make it to their destinations safely.