Holiday season brings big business

The holiday season has brought in a lot of business for Grand Traverse hotels, restaurants, and wineries.

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa reports that they have seen most of their business in anticipation of New Years Eve. They are expecting at nearly 500 guests at their Fire and Ice themed New Years Eve bash next week.

"We always see a lot of guests who come in through down state areas," said J. Michael DeAgostino, of the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. "The general Detroit market, from around Grand Rapids, from Lansing. It's always a busy time of the year for us and when we have snow, so much the better."

North Peak Brewing Company has also had their tables full. With many people on vacation from work, and the kids not in school, there have been waits to be seated almost every night this week.

Officials say that the large amount of business is because they have the ability to host large parties.

"I think that year after year we put on a consistent product," said Nathan Kohler, manager at North Peak Brewing Company. "Word get's out, people want to come back year after year. Especially the big parties. I mean we can handle large parties. So that's the reasons that I think business increases, word gets out."

Kohler says that sales are up nearly ten percent this year.

Winery, Chateau Chantal is also up in sales for this holiday season. Officials tell 7 & 4 News that the bed and breakfast has been sold out for weeks.