Holly and Thomas shake a tail feather at Duerksen Turkey Farm

Thomas Jordan interviews a few turkeys.

Nestled in Mancelona, Duerksen Turkey Farm is run by Rick and Sue Duerksen where the turkeys happily run free. Holly Baker and Thomas Jordan dropped in on the farm right around the busiest time of year for the Duerksens. Rick spared a few minutes to explain why his turkeys tend to be happy and healthy birds.

The farm is a family business. Rick's family has been raising turkeys for so long, they are able to have thousands every year. Rick says about 1,200 turkeys will be sold for Thanksgiving in 2013. The Duerksens believe people like knowing the farm and the farmer from where their turkey came from.

The young turkeys, or poults arrive at Duerksen Turkey Farm at just one day old! 7&4 would like to thank the Duerksens for letting 7&4 News stop by and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

For more information on Duerksen Turkey Farm, visit their website and you can also find information on ordering a turkey for next year.