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      Homes cool down while business heats up

      As the temperatures dip, business picks up for the companies too. One local company says this is the earliest things have been this cold and this busy for them in five years.

      Phones are ringing off the hook at Team Bob's this week as the bitter cold temperatures bring in complaints from hundred's of customers who don't have heat, and sometimes water.

      "Obviously this time of year without heat is an emergency," said Chris Wood, a Team Bob's Sales Manager. "If can lead to other issues obviously not only being cold but then you have to worry about pipes freezing and extended damage from that."

      The heating and cooling business that serves six counties in northern Michigan has been averaging about 40 calls per day this week, forcing every technician to take about six jobs each day, and work a lot of overtime.

      "We're already by 8:30 in the morning booked out for the day in what we call after hours," said Wood. "So some of our technicians will be working late into the evening trying to take care of everybody."

      Technicians say they are trying to fix things as quickly as they can, but want to remind everyone to be patient, and be prepared for these types of situations.

      "Preparation," said Wood. "You just never know when we might lose power in a storm. Have a back up plan."

      Officials at Team Bob's also want to remind everyone that if your heat does go out to make sure to run a small stream of water in your home to avoid any bursting pipes.