Hospital adds multimillion dollar extension

A Chippewa County hospital is unveiling a new multimillion dollar renovation.
â??This area has a very warm feeling to it, we've got the stone that up north look we were looking for,â?? Director of Admitting, Lindsey Gregg explained

The new main entrance at War Memorial Hospital doesn't have that typical hospital feel to it. Wide open spaces to wait, private registration rooms that are confidential and personal, and easy access to the rest of the hospital.

â??Patient privacy is most important, patient satisfaction is very important to us and that's one of the areas we were lacking in in our registration area, this new facility definitely delivers that,â?? Gregg said

In addition to the entrance, the hospital also added a parking sky deck. Now instead of crossing the street, you can take a warm path to the parking garage.

â??It's all going to benefit our patients, it not something where you say, we bought a bunch of equipment that's high tech, but these things are also a big part of the experience when a patient comes to a hospital,â?? WMH President and CEO, David Jahn said.

This project cost $4.6 million to complete. It was the latest piece to a series of renovations on the hospitals campus and it won't be the last.

â??Our next step is to expand our emergency department and add additional services to take care of people in the Eastern UP,â?? WMH Vice President of Operations, Marla Bunker said.