Hospital dances for breast cancer awareness

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his one's for the girls


which is the theme song of this video and the slogan this breast cancer awareness month at
War Memorial Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie. The staff here has patients come in each day for a variety of reasons. But one reason they haven't seen enough of, is to get a mammogram. Something they hope this video will help raise awareness about.


We're trying to get people in that are not coming in and getting a mammogram done.
There's so many people that are going several years in a row without making in there and it really is important to get it done every year, get your breast exams, your self breast exams, getting your annual appointment so it's just that time of year that we can really focus on it," WMS Radiology Director Nichole Matkovich said.


ach year the hospital looks for new ways to get the word out about breast cancer awareness and detection during the month of
October. When they saw the Pink Glove Dance competition through the glove company Medline, they jumped at the opportunity.


It was fun what a great opportunity go to work and have fun and you know we do great work and do with work every day and make a difference and to have fun at the same time

," WMS Employee Relations Manager Julie Conesent said.


he national competition has more than 200 hospitals, nursing homes, and schools participating.


Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in Michigan that is dancing for the cause. If they get the most votes on Facebook they will win ten thousand dollars that will go towards the American Cancer Society.


Breast cancer research and awareness doesn't have to be, we just wanted to show that it doesn't have to be so serious all the time and you can have fun while doing it and everyone has been effected by it, whether they know someone or they have it themselves so I think everyone was pretty driven

," WMS Nurse Casey Dillard said.


ou can vote for this hospital on the
Pink Glove Dances Facebook page until November 2nd. Right now they are in the top 25 for votes, but they still need your votes to help them win.