Hot rods to finger painting, Cherry Festival events entertain all ages

Thousands walked Union Street to check out the classic vehicles.

The National Cherry Festival entertained thousands as the week of events continued on Sunday. Two popular annual events took place Sunday morning, the Old Town Classic Car Show and the Kids Arts and Crafts event.

The Old Town Classic Car Show featured hundreds of collector vehicles including hot-rods, motorcycles, trucks and tractors that are both old and new. The show took place on Union Street in the Old Town District of Downtown Traverse City and drew almost 2,000 spectators to the area.

"We've got about two hundred cars here, anything and everything," said Old Town Classic Car Show Director, Kacy Smith. "We've got stuff super old into the twenties and we've got some new stuff, there's some Dodge Vipers here and there's some Lamborghinis if you're a car person this is the place to be."

Just a few blocks away from the car show, another event was a family favorite. The Kids Arts and Crafts activities were hosted in F and M Park and encouraged kids ages four through 12 to channel their inner Picasso. Between finger painting, bracelet making, and even designing your own National Cherry Festival mascot there was plenty to do, but don't count on seeing the same crafts next year.

"Every year I set up eight different craft projects," said Lani Bathje, Director of Children's Events for the Cherry Festival. "Hardly ever are they the same so every year it's something different for the kids."

250 kids participated in the Arts and Crafts event and Bathje said she expects similar turnouts for upcoming children's events throughout the week.