How safe are northern Michigan bridges?


recently released federal report is raising questions about the stability of bridges around the country.

The American Society of Engineers recently gave the U.S.A. Bridge system a C+. This paired with data showing that 12% of Michigan's 11,000 bridges are deemed structurally deficient.

So how do northern Michigan's bridges stack up with the rest of the state?

There are three MDOT controlled bridges in the region that are rated in poor condition and are structurally deficient.

In Emmet County, the bridge crossing the Crooked River along M-68 in Alanson is in the process of being repaired. In Cheboygan County, the bridge over the Little Black River on US-23 is slated for replacement in 2015. In Mackinac County, the Brevot River bridge on US-2 is due for repairs as well.


It's absolutely true you can drive a cross a bridge in poor condition and still be
safe," MDOT Spokesperson Bob Felt explained. "If the bridge wasn't safe we would close it to traffic."

MDOT has 30 road and bridge projects slated for the next five years.