How to bring an old back glider back to life!

Denine Dingeman, designer at Charitable Resale, shares her inspiration and teaches you to affordably style with ease! She's teaming up with Dan Brady, "tricks-of-the-trade" painter at Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration. He brings you time-saving tricks and products that are easy to find and use.

In this week's Upnorthlive ReVibe, Dan and Denine show us how, with a simple coat of paint and inspiring design, we can ReVibe an old back glider into a classic 1950s lounge chair!

"The chair shape that spurred the term 'Shell Back' due to its distinctive clam shell design is about as retro as it gets for summer patios," said Denine. "It's definitely one of the initial, traditional stamped steel lawn chairs that features a shaped tube frame. Bonus? You'll find them at garage sales across Northern Michigan, and although you may not find a complete set at once, chances are good that you'll be able to piece together a set. An even bigger bonus is that in time, with a little elbow grease and simple products, you'll add your own personality to your porch and save a ton of money for that next vacation!"

4 Steps to ReVibe a mid-century metal favorite with trendy style and timeless character:

1. Clean the chair with an appropriate metal cleaner for painted outdoor furniture. Friends at Northwood Paint or your favorite do-it-yourself retailer can help you.

2. Sand the chair to remove rough edges and old paint. Since clam back chairs have been around a while, there's likely lead-based paint that may be dangerous. Check out my segment suggestions for lead-based paint here: (Erika, could you insert the link here?)

3. Paint the chair as indicated using (NEED Name of Product Hereâ?¦primer and paint or just primer? SORRY, I'm not sure what Dan suggested!)

4. Extra Personality: Apply accent details and a contrasting paint color. Don't be shy! Follow the instructions on your decorative pattern, and bingo! You've created retro ReVibe with personality!

"I'm so excited that I get to use one of my secret weapons to ReVibe this retro classic," said Dan. "It's a brand new product, and you're seeing it first here on UpNorthLive ReVibe with ABC 29&8!"

Stay tuned for future ReVibe episodes as we reveal Dan's pattern trick!



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