Hundereds of law enforcement gearing up for Bud Bash

Sgt. Tyrell said, â??Keep it within the scope of the law and everybody's happy.â??

Bud Bash is an annual party on Houghton Lake, bringing in thousands of people looking to kick back and have a good time.

The 29th Annual Bud Bash will have lots of people, beer, boats, and live music.

It's also the busiest weekend of the summer for area law enforcement trying to keep the crowds under control.

Every law enforcement officer in the area will be on hand to make sure everyone stays safe.

The bash all started at the Limberlost bar by the original owner. He was looking to plan an event for the first weekend in August.

â??It was the slowest weekend in Houghton Lake and he wanted to bring business into town for that weekend in the summer,â?? said Limberlost owner Cora Hallauer. â??He started the Bud Bash party and itâ??s grown into 5,000 people coming to town.â??

State Police are having all hands on deck to keep people safe this weekend.

â??Everybody's on duty for Saturday for Bud Bash annually," Michigan State Police Sgt. Tyrrell said. â??Also, we bring in the hometown security team, the fugitive team, and the drug team.â??

Bud Bash partiers appreciate the police presence and overall are just looking to have a good time.

â??Honest to God, on vacation I just want to sit here, sit in the sun, drink beer,â?? Chris Oâ??Brien said, â??Just hang around with people. That's what it's all about.â??

â??If they want to have a big party over there, that's perfectly fine,â?? Sgt. Tyrell said. â??Iâ??d probably join them if I was younger and had nothing to do but they just need to be safe. There's so many things that could go wrong when you throw that amount of alcohol into the mix.â??

Houghton Lake is prepared and ready for the party.

Sgt. Tyrell said, â??Keep it within the scope of the law, and everybody's happy.â??

State Police ask everyone to have fun, be safe, and grab a buddy to be the designated driver.

Bud Bash starts Friday night and will continue through Sunday afternoon.