Hurricane Sandy impact felt in Northern Michigan

Severe weather bearing down on the East Coast is having an impact here in Northern Michigan.

Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City is expecting Lake Michigan waves to reach anywhere between 18 and 33 feet overnight and into Tuesday. They're asking everyone to stay off the beaches so that waves don't pull them in. The coast guard is also reminding everyone who lives on Lake Michigan to secure kayaks, rafts, and boats.

Commander Joe Buzzella says, "Usually with heavy winds these things get blown into the water. We have to assume someone was in it until we hear otherwise."

Not only are crews watching over the Great Lakes, but they're also on standby to assist on the East Coast.

Commander Joe Buzzella says, "When the call comes in they have to be ready to go. Right now they have their bags packed so that when the call comes they're ready to go."

The Red Cross in Traverse City is also getting ready to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The organization sent a volunteer to New York and Maryland over the weekend. Five other volunteers plan to help with disaster cleanup whenever they can get a flight into the disaster area.