I-Classroom producing "A" students in Onekama

During the month of February, 7&4 News is putting the spotlight on teachers you should meet.

Our latest report takes us to Onekama Consolidated Schools in Manistee County, where Nikki Torrey teaches high school English. She uses cutting edge technology, like I-Pads, to help students learn.

â??My ultimate goal is to work as much with technology as we possibly can...we live in a world where there is technology everywhere and anything I can do to help them, even when I'm teaching English, will make them a better student overall,â?? Torrey said.

While using technology to help students, Torrey also goes above and beyond to help kids succeed in her class. The principal of Onekama Consolidated School calls her a role model.

â??All students would benefit from teachers like her. There is nothing that she won't do to help a child...if that means extra time, acquiring assistance, whatever it takes...she wants her students to feel successful in the classroom,â?? said Principal Gina Hagen.

For more information on Nikki Torreyâ??s high-tech teaching, click on the video above.