Invasive pigs escape from hunting ranch


n investigation is underway after several invasive pigs escaped under a fence at Renegade Ranch in Cheboygan Tuesday night.

These pigs, called Russian Boar, are the same ones in the center of a messy court battle with the Department of Natural Resources. The DNR claims these boars carry disease, destroy crops, and can easily escape.

A state ban makes them illegal to own, but right now the ranch has been allowed to keep the pigs while the lawsuit is worked out in court.

Renegade Ranch owner Ron McKendrick says a neighbor spotted the pigs in his yard and called him. McKendrick says he then rounded up some friends and they tried to track the pigs down.

They shot five dead, and captured one. Two Russian Boars are still missing although McKendrick believes one of those pigs was also shot and killed.

The Cheboygan County Sheriff's Office tells 7&4 News that they stopped by the ranch to investigate. The hole was already filled in preventing authorities from being able to determine if it was a person or a pig that dug the hole.

The news comes a week after a group of DNR officers inspected all 300-acres of Renegade Ranch and tracked the pigs.

No new court date has been set yet for this case.