Junior Royale Parade fun for all!

There was something for everyone to cheer about at the Junior Royale Parade!

The National Cherry Festival was all about the kids, Thursday, from pie making to pie eating contests.

The main event, however: the Junior Royale Parade.

Thousands of children are involved with the parade.

Fans lined the streets hours before the parade started, making sure they had a spot for the little ones to get a good view.

â??I think he'll love the bands and all the floats and all the sirens and lights definitely!â?? said Andrea Thomas from Connecticut. â??He's obsessed with cars and planes so he'll love it.â??

There was something for everyone to cheer about.

â??I always come for candy because they throw candy,â?? explained little Alaina from Greenville Michigan.

A lot of little kids agreed, it's all about the candy!

People come from all around the state for the children's parade

â??It's wonderful to make these kind of memories with the little one and [Alaina] loves it,â?? said Brianne Lodholtz, Alainaâ??s mother. â??Just watching her excitement and her faceâ??you heard her talkâ??Iâ??d drive five hours to get here for that for her.â??

More than a hundred entries made their way down front street and up union, marching, skating, jumping, and even swinging high above the crowd.

If animals are your thing, you're in luck. There are plenty of furry friends. Some animals even get dressed up for the party.

There's no shortage of royalty either, from the Cherry Queen to the little princesses.

â??Princesses are my favorite kind!â?? exclaimed Alaina.

The National Cherry Festival kicks off its final day Saturday with the Cherry Royale Parade.

It starts at 11:15. The UpNorthLive crew will be in the parade. Make sure you say hello!

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