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      Keep your health close to home

      As a parent you know that your child's health takes top priority. That's why Brandy Ball of Kalkaska, a mother of two relies on the specialized pediatric care at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center.

      "It makes it really nice especially with having boys so close in age because we've traveled to Grand Rapids and Traverse City, so this being close is so nice," says Ball.

      Ball brings her four month old Kyle, to see Dr. Cynthia Smith, a pediatrician at Kalkaska Memorial for routine check-ups.

      "Dr. Smith has been great and doctors down in Grand Rapids know her too, but to have somebody home that knows more of your story, it just goes all together," says Ball.

      Kalkaska Memorial partners with Munson Healthcare, and has specialists like Dr. Smith who see patients in Kalkaska for outpatient care. The whole focus is to make it more convenient for people in the area.

      "We have a podiatrist, orthopedic surgeons, pediatric physicians, a mid-wife, an ADHD doctor, a couple of family physicians," says Mary Cunningham who works in the patient access department at Kalkaska Memorial.

      Cunningham is the first person patients normally see before their doctor. She says it's a feeling of relief they have when they know they don't have to travel far for top of the line care.

      "I think with having a small town community type atmosphere they don't have to worry about going to a big city to travel. It's that look of relief on their face," says Cunningham.

      The health center currently has more than 20 Munson specialists that see patients during the week.

      "We have a couple that are adding on days so it just depends on the particular physician. We have two pediatricians two times a week so it just depends," says Cunningham.

      For Brandy Ball and her family, it's this type of atmosphere they rely on.

      "It's a hometown feel, sort of like the old days when the doctor would come to your house. It may not be actually going to your home but not having to travel far is good," says Cunningham.

      For details about the specialists that you can see at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center click here.