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      Keeping kids safe on and off the school bus

      With kids heading back to school in just a few weeks and buses hitting the road, it's about that time of year when we all should take a refresher course in bus safety.

      The school buses in Traverse City and most other northern Michigan school districts are inspected and ready for the first day of school.

      Traverse City Area Public Schools Transportation Manager Joe Yelencich gives drivers advice if they see a bus flashing its hazard lights.

      â??You'd treat that as you would any other vehicle that has their hazards on. You slow down, give them plenty of room and continue on through,â?? said Yelencich. â??With the yellow light below, proceed slow. Yellow lights on top, prepare to stop.â??

      As kids learn their bus route parents are being asked to be patient the first few weeks of classes.

      â??Of the seven thousand kids that we transport everyday, there's probably two thousand that will be riding a different bus and not knowing where to goâ?| so it might take a little bit longer for us to get them on the correct bus and get them home.â??

      Kids are encouraged to stay a safe distance from the bus as it pulls up in the morning and drives away in the afternoon.

      â??We want toâ?| get (kids) at least ten feet away from the bus because that's where drivers can't really see the kids that well and that's where a lot of accidents happen.â??

      Before any student steps foot on a school bus it is inspected by the Michigan State Police.