Kids camp lending a hand to community

Hands and feet work quickly to shingle this roof and build this wheelchair ramp. The kids working on these projects are part of the Hands and Feet Summer Camp at Pathway Community Church in Mancelona. This unique program puts all of the camper fees and labor towards nine different service projects.

"It trains them to be good community adults someday and its not just skills, its working together," said Hands and Feet Camp Mentor Dan Grimes explained.

Grimes and three of the campers are building this wheelchair ramp for the Moore family. The ramp isn't complete, but it is already impacting the family.

"Mr. Moore came out yesterday and took his first trip down the ramp and we didn't have it finished yet, but he was so excited to do it and the looks on their face. We have a time at the end where we debrief for the evening, they have such a sense of acomplishment that they had been able to do that and see it actually used for what they had done," Grimes said.

Just across town, this team is building a roof for a man who is unable to leave his home due to medical reasons. While the work is tough, these campers believe its worth it for the end result.

"It fees fantastic because its like you did all this work, its super exhausting but you feel very uplifted in the end and you feel very good about it," Camper Abigail Landry said.

"It's a pretty good experience you get to learn a bunch of stuff while serving the community," Camper Scott Grimes said.

An experience these campers say they will carry with them for a lifetime.