Kids take the reins on learning with horse-drawn plows

Kids take the reigns on learning with horse-drawn plows at Heritage Village.

Third graders in Mackinaw City took a step back in time Thursday and used horses to plow fields. Dozens of kids got behind the reins and guided the plows through the field at Heritage Village. The annual field trip is set up to teach kids about local history with a hands on approach, and students walked away learning about the hard work farmers put in 100 years ago.

"They are never going to forget this event, I will tell you that," said Susan Safford, Mackinaw Historical Society President. "This is the second year we've done it, and last year, the kids talked about it and enjoyed it so much that the third graders could hardly wait to come out here again and have their turn this year."

n addition to learning how to plow with a horse, the students also toured an old school house from the late 1800s and planted cabbage on the farm at Heritage Village.

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