Kimberly Loesch sentenced for child abuse charges

A woman accused of abusing her adopted children was sentenced today in an Emmet county courtroom.

Kimberly Loesch will spend nine months in jail, and serve six of those up front, serve two years probation, will not be allowed to contact the children and will be required to follow treatment plans for her behavior.

Even as Kimberly Loesch's future was being decided she showed little emotion.

She pleaded no contest to third degree child abuse charges in April.

Before her sentence the prosecution described the abuse the children suffered and how their every move was tracked and monitored through alarms, baby monitors, and baby gates.

â??To go to the bathroom they had to be supervised,â?? said Emmet County Assistant Prosecutor Stuart Fenton. â??To take a shower they had to take it together and be supervised by a female member of the household.

According to Fenton, if the children got out of line or complained, they would likely be feed meals that would sometimes make them sick.

â??She denies she made them eat this vinegar mush concoction; It's in the refrigerator,â?? said Fenton.

Deputies began investigating Loesch and her husband Phillip Loesch after her 13 year-old son went missing for two days last July.

Fenton says he ran away because of the abuse.

During the search the prosecutor says Loesch was texting friends about her son.

â??She claims he was thirsty and knew if he would ask he would not get it,â?? said Fenton. â??So, he drank out of the toilet she even admits that.â??

Loesch's attorney defended her character and alluded to the support of Loesch's family and friends in the courtroom.

Phillip Loesch also pleaded no contest last month and has already served his lesser sentence.

The children all have new homes and are in better conditions.