Kingsley family needs your help after losing everything in a fire

A local community is asking for your help in providing assistance to a Kingsley family - who lost everything in a fire Tuesday morning.

Neighbors say they heard pounding on their doors around 2am Tuesday - it was Fred Wickham - warning them that his home was up in flames and could possibly spread. Neighbors reported seeing a wall of orange and the windows exploding.

It wasn't until Wednesday that neighbors found out that instead of searching for their cat or saving any possessions - Fred and his girlfriend Darcey put the lives of all of their neighbors first. Fred had lost his son a couple of years ago in a car accident, and some of the things lost in the fire were precious momentos of his son's.

"He just smelled the smoke and they ran out," said Marilyn Palmer, the next door neighbor. "They didn't even see the fire at first, and the fact that he came right over to my house and just pounded on the door. He went from the back door to the front door to the back door and yelling - and instead of trying to get his items out, you know, the things that mean the most in the world to him - that meant a lot to me because that's my kids' safety, that's my whole world."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, and the couple's cat is still missing. The cat's name is Scout, and she is a dark and light tan striped cat. She also has a pink collar with a bell on it.

Palmer said the couple doesn't have any clothing or personal items, and would be thankful for any support anybody can give.

If you would like to make a donation to help the family, you can contact the Grand Traverse Red Cross.

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