Kmart customer paying it forward

Mitch Belongia shops after paying off a stranger's layaway gifts.

Mitch Belongia of Traverse City received a pleasant surprise recently when he discovered that a generous stranger at the Cherryland Center Kmart had paid off his layaway gifts.

According to one Kmart employee, the anonymous person paid off gifts on layaway for eight random customers. At least one of those lucky customers, Belongia, took it upon himself to pay off gifts for another random stranger on Saturday.

"I just want to keep the holiday spirit going and just pay it forward. And know there is good people out there that will do good," Belongia said.

Belongia said the gifts paid off are for his two young daughters and reached out to UpNorthLive to thank the person who paid for them. He paid off gifts for someone else who has kids and hopes they will keep the chain of kindness going.

"I paid off their layaway and just hope that they'll respect that as much as I did," Belongia said.

Kmart employees have named these generous folks "Layaway Angels." Last year, the Traverse City Kmart saw nearly 50 customers helped by the angels.