Ladies in red

At Timber Ridge Resort in Traverse City, organizers are gearing up for what's known as the Healthy Heart Benefit Tour.

It's that time of year when people take advantage of the ski trails, but it's also the time of year when women's heart health is recognized. At Timber Ridge Resort in Traverse City, organizers are gearing up for what's known as the Healthy Heart Benefit Tour.

"The purpose of the tour is to spread awareness for heart disease. February is heart health month so this goes in connection with that," says co-chair of the event, Nancy Briggs.

The event is Sunday, February 19th from 1 to 4 p.m. at Timber Ridge. Briggs says it's about reminding people to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

"It's good to get out and get moving. It's the first step for heart disease. So out here we'd like you to snowshoe or try cross-country skiing. Each person will get a lanyard they wear around their neck. It's going to have a heart healthy passport on it. They'll go through stations where Munson professionals will give them information about their own individual heart health," says Briggs.

The proceeds from the event will benefit the Munson's Women's Heart Health Fund that provides grant money for the Heart to Heart screenings for women.

"Women tend to downplay their own systems. Women need to learn about heart disease and get help as soon as possible if they need it," says Briggs.

In keeping women's heart health in mind the benefit tour is also raffling off a special surprise and what else could be more perfect than a one of kind red dress.

Seamstress and local instructor at Northwestern Michigan College, Maggie Quinn is taking on the honor of creating the masterpiece. The dress of course a well known symbol of women's heart health.

"We've chosen a red dress. I'm going to call it a modest cock-tail dress, a V-neck leading to the heart. It should be a dress whoever wins will feel special in it," says Quinn.

For Quinn who also teaches pilates and yoga classes at NMC, it's about keeping heart health in mind, while making women realize the importance of being pro-active.

"This is a total package for me because it supports that way of life. When they buy that ticket we want to promote a heart healthy community," says Quinn.

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