Learning more about the measles

Dr. Michael Collins from the Health Department serving Grand Traverse, Leelanau and Benzie Counties.

A measles outbreak is seriously affecting parts of the country and while there hasn't been much concern in northern Michigan, Dr. Michael Collins from the Health Department explained more about the measles and how it is spread.

It is highly contaigous and spreads very easily from person to person. There is also no treatment for the measles, only treatment to help soothe the symptoms. Those symptoms can be flu-like at first and then spread into a rash. Once someone is infected they do become immune to the measles for the rest of their life.

Other health problems can also be caused by the measles. Dr. Collins recommends talking to your doctor about having children vaccinated as that is the most effective preventative measure.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Collins in the video above.