Leland 6th grader dies of meningitis

sixth grade student at Leland Schools has died due to complications with meningitis.


llee Romeo contracted pneumococcal meningitis that started as a strep infection in her ear. She died Sunday.


he Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department says the severity of this illness is very rare and contact with someone who has pneumococcal meningitis presents no particular risk. They say there are no precautions that must be taken by people who were in contact with this student.


eland Superintendent Jason Stowe sent a letter to parents yesterday detailing what happened. In it he says,

"Dear Leland parents, students, staff and friends,

I am very sad to announce that Allee Romeo, a Leland Sixth Grade student, passed away this morning due to complications with meningitis. I know that this news is shocking and comes with many emotions and questions. What we do know is that we lost one of our brightest stars today and that she will be greatly missed. Words cannot describe this tragic loss. For those of you that had the privillege to know Allee know how difficult this will be for all of us.

Now is the time to show what a special school and community we have and support the Romeo Family, her friends, classmates and each other, as we work through these difficult times. The Leland Staff and Crisis Team will be ready for our students tomorrow morning to help support them through this terrible loss.

If you would like to share some caring words with the Romeo Family, please visit Allee's Carepages site:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to their entire family.

Below is a statement from Allee's family:

Regretfully at 10:47 a.m, Sunday June 3rd, Allee Romeo left our world. She will be passing on her gifts to other unfortunate people, giving them a second chance at life.

We hope that in this she will live on through others and in someway bring joy to their lives, as she did for us these past twelve years.

She loved her Leland School and all those who occupied it.

Thank you for your incredible support.

The Romeo Family

Jason Stowe


Leland Public School"

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