Lend a helping hand in the fight against cancer

Cathie Martin stopped to buy gas and bought 2 pin-ups for Munson Medical's new cancer center.

Munson Medical Center is hosting a fundraiser to benefit the new Cowell Family Cancer Center to be built in Traverse City next year. By purchasing a small paper hand for $1 from local businesses, members of the community can contribute to the fundraising efforts of the center that will bring centralized cancer care to northern Michigan.

The paper pin-ups can be found all around the Traverse City area at banks, grocery stores, gas stations, wineries and more. The new cancer center is a $45 million project, $17 million of which hope to be raised through public fundraising. To date, Munson has raised $15.8 million.

Schmuckal Oil is one of the businesses participating in the fundraising campaign, and President Paul Schmuckal opened 20 of his northern Michigan gas stations to sell and display Munson's pin-ups. Each pin-up can be personalized in memory of a loved one or friend who has passed away or a friend who is battling cancer.

Cathie Martin bought 2 pin-ups and put both her name and names of close friends she wanted to honor with her cancer center donation.

"You know it feels great to be able to give and feel like you've made a difference. It's a small amount but every little bit helps so I'm really glad I had a chance to do this today," Martin said.

To learn more about the new Cowell Family Cancer Center or find out all the locations you can purchase a pin-up, visit Munson's website.