Lice prevention and treatment

There are many things we hope our children never have to go through. There is one thing in particular that does not just become a nightmare for children, it becomes a nightmare for parents too.

It's the creepy, crawly, nearly invisible parasite we all despise...LICE!

Making a House Call this week Pharmacist Mark Thompson of Thompson Pharmacy.

Thompson said lice can be difficult to detect. Close inspection with a magnifying glass will usually reveal lice, nits or eggs, which appear as dandruff-like spots, white-gray in color. The lice themselves are more difficult to find.

The eggs will be â??gluedâ?? to the hair shaft most commonly at the nape of the neck and wonâ??t easily come off.

One treatment for lice is a special shampoo sold in most grocery stores or drug stores. Thompson said children under two years of age cannot use the shampoo for lice. Mechanical removal is the only method.

Thompson said lice can also live on other surfaces that your child comes in contact with. Using a vacuum is one of the best ways to rid areas of lice. Consider vacuuming or laundering plush toys, bedding, upholstered furniture, draperies, and clothing. Wash in hot water on a hot cycle or using a hot cycle in the dryer, at least 130° F for 20 minutes.

Thompson said, of course, prevention is easier than treating a case of lice. He said do not share combs or hats. Separate childrenâ??s coats and bedding so they are not touching, and wash bedding/dress up clothes regularly.

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