Lights are on at Ferris State and all classes resume Friday

Full power is restored to Ferris State University

All Ferris State University classes will resume to their normal schedule for Friday, October 4th.

A power outage around 1am Wednesday put the FSU campus in the dark. Most on the east side of campus had the lights back on around 6am, but the west side dorms and academic buildings remained without power.

Crews worked to restore full power to the residence halls and apartments first, and those areas had power Wednesday afternoon, while the classrooms had limited capabilites.

In trying to conserve the power usage on the west side, some classes were cancelled or moved to other buildings.

Thursday multiple crews continued work on the campus's electrical grid, replacing a worn switch and high voltage power line that caused the outage. While a few classes were cancelled or moved again Thursday, officials say it was more important to make the students' living areas the priority.

"We put the emphasis on getting the power back to the residence halls first so that the students would be able to be in their residences, they'd be safe, they would be comfortable," said Marc Sheehan, the Ferris State University Communications Officer. "We made that the priority and then as we were able to, roll that out and make sure that the academic halls get up."

After a mandatory brief campus outage Thursday evening, the entire system has been restored and all classes will resume as normal for Friday.