Local grandfather masters homemade maple syrup making

Garwood "Woody" Hansen has been making syrup for 20 years

Woody Hansen wanted a fun hobby after he retired from teaching 20 years ago. He found that making maple syrup was a fun and easy way to have something to do that produced a sweet treat.

Hansen has lots of maple trees tapped around the area of his house on West Silver Lake Road in Grand Traverse County, and when the weather conditions are just right the sap runs and he collects it in large containers. He then boils it in a stove on his property and through a series of steps creates some of the best homemade maple syrup in the area.

Friends and family love his pure maple syrup for the dedication that Hansen puts into making it every year, dedication that can practically be tasted in every sweet drop.

You can buy some of Woody's homemade syrup from his house on West Silver Lake Road. You'll see a sign, "Maple Syrup for Sale," and Hansen charges $7 a pint. The cost of which is just enough to cover about what it costs Hansen to make it.