Local prisons lose 24/7 perimeter patrol

Pugsley Correctional Facility in Kingsley and 26 other state prisons are removing perimeter security to save more than $13 million a year.

Right now a vehicle with one armed corrections officer is driven around the prisons 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Starting April 1st, those corrections officers will be assigned jobs inside the prison.

The move will allow the Department of Corrections to eliminate five positions at each prison, the officers will fill jobs that are currently being staffed at overtime.

The Michigan Corrections Organization, which represents more than 7,000 corrections officers is against the change.

MCO Executive Director, Mel Grieshaber says, "If you live ten miles from the facility you should be concerned. I have received several emails and phone calls from officers inside these facilites who do not want the perimeter vehicles eliminated from the security."

The department has made security improvements at many prisons like electric "stun" fences, and motion sensors.