Local students going to see Presidential Inauguration in person

Grand Traverse Academy seniors are heading out this weekend to Washington, D.C. to see the Presidential Inauguration in person on Monday.

Nineteen students have been saving up for the trip since they were in seventh grade.

"I'm really excited because it's going to be a one in a million thing, because they keep saying, you know one million people, so you're actually going to be the one in a million getting to watch the President be re-entered into office," said Grand Traverse Academy senior Amelia Peck.

Senior Tyler Floering is looking forward to seeing a special moment in history happen right before his very own eyes.

"I'm looking forward to like being able to be part of that because I'll tell my kids someday that I was part of a Presidential Inauguration," Floering said.

While in Washington, D.C. they will also visit Arlington National Cemetery, Jefferson Memorial, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and many of Washington's memorials.

There is one special event they are particularly looking forward to.

"They will be attending the Inaugural Ball and they will have a special surprise guest and nobody knows, not even me, knows who that'll be," said Trip Sponsor Theresa Mercer.

Peck is excited for what this opportunity means for her school.

"It's big and it's the first that our school has ever done this size, so we're kind of setting the bar kind of high," Peck said.

While senior Alysia Campos is excited about all of the places they will visit during the trip, she is most excited about the people she will be sharing the experiences with.

"Besides the whole seeing the President and everything, I just like being with my classmates, and since it is the last trip I'll be with them it'll be pretty memorable," Campos said.

The seniors will head out Saturday, Jan. 19 and return Wednesday, Jan. 23.