Love at 80 at The Brook

It was love at first sight for Richard Slater, "I remember it was her long hair that attracted me first." When he first laid eyes on his future wife Elaine McKie at the Brook Retirement Community in Roscommon.

"At first I was pretty shy", Slater said. Elaine or Mrs. Slater as she is now called recalls the beginning of their love, "I can remember that he said I'm a shy guy". "She was even more shy." Richard said.

But that didn't stop Richard from pursuing the woman of his dreams. "I met her in the hall and I told her she had captured my heart. I felt a little bit foolish but I had to say it."

Richard and Elaine, both in their 80's kept their relationship a secret until one day the cooks at lunch noticed them holding hands under the table. "A little bit like puppy love at first" Richard said with a smirk. "For awhile I felt about 15, then I felt more like 18 and I haven't progressed much beyond that.

As Elaine and Richard's love grew, it turned into something neither of them could hide. "How did I court her? Richard, who wears a hearing aid asks. "Why we were in wheelchairs most of the time, but I can walk a little bit, so I pushed her wheelchair. I push it to the dining room and back." The same way any young man would drive his sweetie to a date, and Elaine his blushing bride definitely fell victim to his charms. "He was so sweet and kind and gentle and loving."

Even with all of the love in the air, marriage was the last thought on their minds. "Never, I thought it was all over and so did she, Richard said, and Elaine agreed. "No I wasn't interested. I said I wasn't going to get married again."

But as these two lovebirds quickly found out love has a way of sneaking up on you.

"Love knows no age, it just happens. I want to be sure that we stay together after death even. I hope and so does she"