Love INC warms the hearts of Traverse City

With near normal snowfall and temperatures in the single digits at times, one local non-profit is doing it's best to help the community during this tough winter.

Love INC in Traverse City starts getting calls in November for propane when the weather begins to get cold.

This winter, Love INC in Traverse City says they have seen about a 50% increase in need for utility bill payments. They also said a lot of people will hold off paying their rent in order to pay their utility bills, therefore causing an increase in rent assistance.

With funding provided through Grand Traverse churches, private donations, and grants - Love INC is always encouraging people to give back to their friends in need, especially as the number of people that need help grows. Tony Nelson, the Clearinghouse Coordinator, stated "The number is endless. It's like a trickle-down effect. You help one family, they pass the word on to someone else. It's wonderful - it's hard to express sometimes."

Love INC operates on a weekly budget. However, if they are unable to provide for someone in need they will help arrange assistance with another local non-profit in the area (such as Father Fred or the Salvation Army).

Love INC is located in the Family Life Center on the corner of Garfield and US-31 in Traverse City. If you would like to volunteer, or your needs involve finances, housing, transportation, medical or spiritual issues - you can call Love INC at 231-941-5683 or visit their website