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      Low enrollment closes charter school

      The doors are closing at a Grand Traverse County charter school.

      Board members say enrollment numbers were far short of the 120 students needed to keep Traverse City College Prep Academy financially sound.

      â??They've had a hard time getting the students in there; retaining them,â?? said former school board member Heidi Scheppe.

      That's what led to the closing of the seven year-old academy.

      â??For being such a small school they had a parent leader group. They were all active; they were all involved; they were all trying their best to get the enrollment up.â??

      Parents now have to decide where to send their students.

      â??I think some [students] may go back to home schooling; some may go back to the T-CAPS.â??

      Students voiced their opinions by writing on the windows at the school.

      It's apparent this closing is affecting everyone.

      â??I know there's probably frustration and sadness and a lot of emotions,â?? said school board member Tanya Montgomery.

      The halls are dark and the classrooms are empty but the friendships will last forever.

      â??We've had a lot of ups and downs but our community here is very close and our students are very accepting of each otherâ?| we've just always had a close connection and I think that just being that way it's just like any family, you stick together."

      According to documents obtained by 7&4 News, the company that manages the school, The Leona Group, pumped in 3.1 million dollars from 2008 to 2013 to keep the school running.